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ETX35 Compound Bow

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The "Do-It-All" Bow

In 2011, New Breed Archery introduced a market changing bow sporting a 35” Axle to Axle and a 7” brace height called the Eclipse. Since the introduction of a bow that was equally at home on the 3D tournament trail, in the deepest back country hunting grounds of the west, or 20 feet in the air of your favorite treestand, it was quick to set the industry standard for the 35” ATA “Do All” bow design. In 2016 New Breed retired the design, only to have the bowhunting public beg to have it back.

So for 2019 New Breed archery is proud to introduce the ETX35 which sports a 35” Axle to Axle and a 6 7/8” Brace Height that is very similar to the features of the Eclipse. But in total New Breed fashion we could not just release the Eclipse with a different name we took the ETX35 to the next level of 35” ATA bows offered in today’s market. The ETX brings an extended riser design based off of the award winning GX2 which to date is known as one of the best compact hunting bows on the market, it features the all new extended limb pocket design, a modular 2 track Cam-to-Cam system that offers a buttery smooth draw cycle, speeds up to 335fps, and a rock solid back wall, that lets you focus on the shot, not the draw cycle of the bow, with the backwall giving you the confidence you are hitting your anchor point consistently shot after shot whether it be on the tournament trail or placing the perfect shot on a trophy animal. If you are looking for “The One” bow that can do it all, look no further - the ETX35 is the bow for you.

Bionix Cam Systems are licensed under U.S. Patent #7,997,259.