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GX36 Compound Bow

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The 2019 GX36 was designed and created with one goal in mind: DESTROY FOAM! In today’s archery market, we have bows designed for “target archery” and “hunting,” but at New Breed we took that a step further. We broke down the two main categories to create a bow specifically for 3D Target Archery not just “Target” Archery. The GX36 has all the features demanded by the 3D archer, such as a perfect 36” axle to axle with a straight riser no-torque grip design, short and compact limbs which transfers all the energy to the arrow to allow the bow to be more effective down range causing the arrow to maintain it’s velocity more efficiently down range on those longer 3D archery courses where a half a yard can be the difference in a 12 ring or an 8. It features a 1/2” increment modular cam system so you can find that perfect anchor point consistency shot after shot. The GX36 cam features a solid back wall at full draw, so whether you are shooting on flat ground, aiming up hill, or judging your down hill cuts you will know that you are at your perfect draw length as you pull through your shot execution. Other features of the GX36 include an adjustable let-off feature in combination with the modular adjustments that will allow you to produce the perfect holding weight if you shoot a back tension release or if you need the valley to feel just right in conjunction with your thumb or wrist strap release. If you are looking to improve your 3D score this season and make foam melt into putty when you step up to the stake, do yourself a favor and get a GX36 “3D” bow.

Bionix Cam Systems are licensed under U.S. Patent #7,997,259.