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BX32 Compound Bow

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Deadly Quiet.

For 2019 New Breed Archery is proud to introduce its second generation of gusset-braced riser designed bow, The BX32. The BX32 features a new innovative Split Gusset Riser with a very hunter friendly 32” axle to axle, but still keeping it brace height at 7 ¼” which makes it very forgiving at longer distance shots. The BX32 features the same award winning cam system that has evolved as the company has grown over the years with an even more forgiving draw cycle to allow you to focus on the shot instead of fearing to draw the bow. The BX32 produces speeds up to 330fps and is one of the most forgiving and “deadly quiet” bows that New Breed has produced to date.

Bionix Cam Systems are licensed under U.S. Patent #7,997,259.