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Spawn (Youth Bow)

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Spark the Passion

When New Breed Outdoors President Kyle Null was eight years old, he constantly asked his father if he could shoot his bow. With gentle reprimands that those bows weren't made for him, Kyle's father made him his first long bow to fit his size. Kyle was thrilled to finally have a bow to use and to spend time with his dad, pursuing a hobby they both loved. Kyle has never forgotten that first bow, so he created this bow with the budding archer in mind.

The New Breed SPAWN Youth Compound Bow is a hand-crafted, high-quality compound bow designed to create the spark that fuels the passions for archery for many generations to come. Supporting our youth in the sport is essential to preserving the sport of archery and the outdoor lifestyle. Pass on that tradition by giving your youngster the SPAWN Youth Compound Bow.